NDSU style graduates launch online women's store

Trina Hoffelt and Marrah Ferebee state they're polar opposites when it comes to their personal style Hoffelt's is more "girly," Ferebee's more "tomboy." Their characters are compatible, and they share the exact same values and goals. That's what makes their business, an online women's apparel and devices store, work.


After two years of cautious preparation, Ashwood West introduced in February, while the North Dakota State University style grads were in Vegas for market. When their first order can be found in, "We were shouting pleased yelling," Ferebee said on a video call from her home in Hazen.

Jane Ramsay brings elegant convenience to Armadale

Jane Ramsay is a regional women s clothing brand that concentrates on easy-to-wear designs in luxury fabrics. Jane Ramsay began the label in 2012 when she couldn’t find clothing to suit her lifestyle as a mother of four and fashion industry executive.


I simply got to a point where I believed, I can’t discover what I desire, which is wonderfully cut, simple essentials, Jane says on guiltysoles.com .


Just interesting pieces however not always take a look at me pieces not tight and unpleasant like I would have used when I was in my 20s. She opened her South Melbourne shop as a pop-up, which ultimately became permanent and broadened to the Armadale store last August.

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This Small Business Specializesin Shoes for Women with Longer Feet, But Likewise Has a Big Heart

For Brisbane small company owner Carol Haffkeits inadequate to help her consumers feel empowered and confident; she’s doing the exact same for women 12,000 kilometers away.

The owner of women s shoe boutique The Shoe Garden, which specializes in elegant, longer-sized shoes for women with size 10+ feet, has raised more $12,000 in the past 12 months to MicroLoan Foundation Australia, a charity supplying bank loan to women in Malawi.


She raises the money by contributing in between 50c and $5 from the sale of every item in her store, and also picks up donations on the charity s behalf. It's a process she stated embeds returning "into the DNA" of her company.

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