Having anal sex with an escort is extremely common. Its probably one of the most popular categories of escort. Therefore, its important you understand how to engage in it correctly. Read on for some top tips on having anal sex with your escort.

Anal sex, also known as anal sex, is an act that involves the stimulation of the inside of the anal opening. Many people tend to think of anal sex only as when a guy penetrates the rectum with his penis, but it goes further; there are numerous ways to give oral sex and some of them include rimming, fingering, and kissing the anal hole. You could read more about anal sex on ‘anal sex’ webpage.

There are several factors to consider when having anal sex. First, use of lubricants should be done only with proper latex or water-based lubes and oil. Avoid flavored lubes and petroleum jelly as these products may cause irritation or allergy on penetration of your partner’s penis. Some lubricants are not designed for deep or rough penetration, therefore, make sure to get your partner used to the type of condoms you will use so that both of you can engage in safe anal sex.

Another important thing to know is that you must wash your buttock and the surrounding areas after your activities are over to prevent any infections that may occur afterwards. Buttocks are easily prone to stings and irritations when they are already raw from being exposed to public toilets. After having anal sex, thoroughly clean the area with antibacterial soap and sterilized wipes to prevent any infections. Moreover, use of pre-exposure prophylaxis, or STD condom, is advisable to ensure that your partner is not exposed to any STDs.

The next factor to consider in safe anal sex is selecting the right position for penetration. Most couples prefer missionary style to do anal sex due to the increased level of friction and lubrication during this position. But even when using the conventional pillow, a woman can still reach orgasm by using her legs instead of her anus. Hence, it is important that the position of penetration be done by either thrusting or kissing, depending on the comfort of one or both partners. When penetrating a woman by thrusting, there are increased lubrication and you can feel the intense sensations during the sexual activity.

Lastly, be aware that some women tend to have difficulty inserting large toys into their anus. You can solve this problem by using a finger or two fingers inserted into the vagina canal to stimulate the g-spot. Also, you can stimulate the clitoris with your finger or your tongue to increase the arousal of your partner. In this way, you can enjoy more of the sensations of anal sex by stimulating different body parts in preparation for anal sex.

In conclusion, these are just a few tips that you can incorporate in your sexual activity. You can always ask your doctor for other valuable information on how to avoid infection by engaging in anal sex. In addition to that, you can also practice a lot of good foreplay techniques to ensure that you will be able to achieve the desired results. And lastly, as much as possible, practice using pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent infection in your anus. This is one of the most reliable ways to prolong the time before engaging in anal sex and is also the easiest way to remove any potential risk that may be present.